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2017 autumn and winter trends: velvet

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend

Velvet, also known as velvet, used to be a very precious fabric. Originally velvet was woven from silk, and the weaving was rather complicated and tedious. It was very difficult to produce velvet without a machine,Velvet flowers, two categories.  so for a long time it was Is a royal, aristocratic and religious high-grade  material.Velvet, also known as velvet, used to be a very precious fabric. Originally velvet was woven from silk, and the weaving was rather complicated and cumbersome. It was a very difficult task to produce velvet without a machine, so for a long time In it, it is only a precious material belonging to religion, royal family and nobility. It is also because of this history that velvet is always associated with gorgeous, noble feelings, but as time goes on, velvet is now a fabric of both vintage and modernity, and more and more items are used Velvet, which also makes it evolve more and more fashionable.Although the small area of velvet single product better control (such as velvet boot or velvet hat), but this year we recommend you to try the velvet suit, full of contemporary suit velvet velvet look not so old, in addition, we Also find the latest street shots bring you more inspiration to wear velvet.Velvet flowers, two categories.

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2017 autumn and winter trends: vintage corduroy

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend

Corduroy can also be called velvet cloth, in fact, is cutting the weft in the fabric surface to form the same lines like a light straw, so called corduroy (the name can be said is very vivid), corduroy feel in fact A bit similar to velvet, but not so gorgeous, and more used in the production of 70’s clothing, so corduroy feels more retro.Fashion is always the case, always in a large reincarnation, such as autumn and winter 2017 before the “rustic” fabric on the return of a strong return, and use it to do a single product also has a full sense of nostalgia, such as corduroy suit Suit, corduroy wide leg pants, corduroy short A word skirt … … and the color are vintage red wine, mustard, blue, dark green-based colors. The popularity of corduroy, has not appeared for several years, we recommend this year either with the entire corduroy single product mix, or use sweaters mix corduroy wide leg pants, yes, with a pair of popular this year with the boots, this autumn and winter the most Vintage beauty with attitude is you. Ellery, Jil Sander, Acne Studios, Christopher Kane and Jacquemus use profiles, including cutting-edge design brand Jacquemus avant-garde, the use of towering shoulders to create a strong sense of the overall structure of support.

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2017 autumn and winter trends: tough suit

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend2017 autumn and winter show, capable and cool women’s suits are still the first choice of strong women. Whether it is a set of solid colors, plaid combination, large outline or simple classic, wool, leather, waist or loose, this autumn and winter you should not miss such a gas equipment to raise the gas.Autumn and winter women’s suits can be generous. Set of solid color suits, heat diminished years. Material above, the suit fabric is still the main brand, followed by the more use of velvet, satin pajamas and denim material, while a little thicker there is wool, cashmere and so on. The overall tone to black, camel, rice, dark red, dark blue and other classic solid-based, or large stripes, plaid or pattern. In addition to Hermès, Céline, Bottega Veneta, who have always been simple and relaxed, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin also continued their usual style of women’s suits, with chiffon, chain, pants plus wavy surfaces and other details of the design and mix to emphasize Features.people feel like the feminization of the last century after the exaggeration Shoulder style and modern design combined product.Vetements, Stella McCartney, Veronique Branquinho’s suit is always with the sublimation street publicity means.

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 What To Wear – Fashion match

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website pinkish

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-Pink vest dress makes the girl sweet. The pink high heels with pink dress make the combination amazing. Bowknot belt makes the girl muchmore modern, at thesame times how your stature much more perfect.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website dark dress collocation

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-The accessories are the main points for a  black dress.The exaggerated necklet or metal bracelet are really suitable. A delicacy watch would also make you modern.For the bags,  hand bags andmini chain bags would makethe suit much more charming.

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Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website dress collocation

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-Black woolen jacket seems elegant and temperament.With thesunglasses would make the whole set retro. Aleather belt could make you much more fit .

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website dress collocation

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-The bright coat make you distinguished.Combine withlight jean and high heels show out your ankle and instep, it wouldmake you slim and charming.

The latest fashion week information

2018 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week | Trend Watch Aspect 1: Dark tannins

Classic and never fever, tannins in the stylish elements of the quarter always have their place, but this year’s tannin fever suddenly rose, each show is also filled with a variety of tannin elements.2018 spring and summer show this wave of “Blue Tide”, though not too much, but it is by no means neglected. Still thinking that tannin can only be equated with the tough boy? Tannin season with strength breakthrough your imagination. Add to the flower embroidery, the group printing denim coat is a playful dynamic in the early spring interpretation of another; turned into dresses and lotus leaf tannins do not have a chic temperament, giving the cowboy brand new charm. Designers will be re-transformed jeans, with dark indigo denim to overthrow the mom jeans represented by the nineties light-colored fabrics, especially oversized fits denim jacket will be the new favorite.

 Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Adam Selman

This quarter Adam Selman like a playful young girl, the movement of the dynamic and light design with T 2018 spring and summer T-shirt, wearing a paper kite detail indigo denim overalls and traditional denim jacket appearance models, people feel endless young and energetic.Denim is the denim, but it has gone far beyond the name of a fabric, using denim clothing and accessories made of denim, and movie stars, the younger generation, fashion designers grow together, has never quit fashion stage. Tannin is the oldest fabric, because with denim, it is always young, never outdated fabric.Tannin is a classic clothing material.

 Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Tibi

Denim is the denim, but it has gone far beyond the name of a fabric, using denim clothing and accessories made of denim, the younger generation, fashion designers grow together, has never quit fashion stage. Tannin is the oldest fabric, because with denim, it is always young, never outdated fabric.Different colors of denim single product, simple color and silhouette, plastic texture and color transparent girdle and long belt are the new highlights of this season, smart, light and real wear.Smilovic has created the sportswear in his collection in this collection: clean high waist tannin pants with classic navy or cream zipper hooded sweatshirts, sport dresses,  hooded tannin pants that look trendy Free.

2018 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week | Trend Aspect 2: Functional clothing material

Hot sporty wind is still the main line next year. Especially in Fenty X Puma 2018 spring and summer series show, as Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) sitting on a motorcycle stage, it is not difficult to see that next year’s locomotive will be a large area of popular wind up. Rihanna will be the embodiment of the trend of the sport most vividly, auto shorts, wetsuit, navy nylon overalls, pedal logo logo hiking boots. Public School designed translucent thin chiffon nylon trench coat cut like a cocktail dress; jersey like a mini skirt. This season’s popular shoes are high-tech sneakers, such as Dion Lee shoes wrapped in big toes with chrome studs, or Marc Jacobs sandals covered with tassels or tassels.
As a result, as sports styles evolve and even toward more advanced designs and materials, the 2018 spring sportswear uses a more glossy material on a single product, giving the single product a more futuristic feel and gloss Campaign single product mix and match with a single product, collide different styles.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Dion Lee

This season, Lee no longer draws inspiration from works of art, but from the pleasant beaches in Australia, New York bustling streets and other points related to personal experience. This is an urban surfing tour of soft drape, exotic colors and minimalist cutouts.The highlight of this series is the digital sense of the pink and green dresses of several special materials, walking and sneaking; man-made denim, revealing casual sexy; and a long list of personalized cutting-edge use of Lee cut and slice the design of.Of course, a few short front long skirts may seem a bit unmanageable, but when Lena Hardt wears navy blue crop pleated skirt out of the show, the rest of the models seem insignificant.Do not ignore the details. Sculptural silver jewelry, refreshing sunglasses with sports glasses, flip flops, and suits to convert casual suits design.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Calvin Klein

Brand designer Raf Simons said: “American horror, American dream.” There is darkness, there is light. This season, the light he brought was those American-style silhouettes of the 1950s and the most unexpected fabrics – waterproof nylon cloth tents.Three sets of dresses made with this fabric appear halfway through the release and appear to have the potential to become hot items. Those Hitchcot girls in Raf Simons wear rubber clothing and light sleepwear reminiscent of Sissy Spacek in the movie “Carrie.” Sterling Ruby set a glittering metal bucket over the road, a bit like a prom scene for that movie.Calvin Klein is well-deserved to be the nation’s most famous fashion designer. In addition to its range of high-end products, high-grade classic addition, Kline at the same time those young people for the consumer trendy avant-garde perfume and denim clothing advocate.


2018 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week | Trend Watch Aspect 3: Ice cream color

As Pantone speculated, the 2018 spring / summer color series sparked a feeling of relaxed play. In a complex and differentiated atmosphere, we find ourselves in a color sanctuary, perfect for a more unique and dramatic mix of colors.
The ice cream color in this New York Fashion Week shine, such as Almost Mauve pale purple, Pink Lavender pink purple lavender, Little Boy Blue boy blue, all brands are in this soft ice cream color as the center of gravity, with simple Neat tailoring, elegant atmosphere, show ease of soft power.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang should be the highlight of this season’s New York Fashion Week show because it is Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver was named the designer’s debut renaissance in New York’s most successful fashion brand Helmut Lang, Created the minimalism of the 90’s and many young designers were influenced so far in the following ten years. In 2005, stylist Helmut Lang quit her personal brand to become an artist, leaving many regrets to the brand. Shayne Oliver also exerted the restraint of Helmut Lang, where the bodies of men and women were bound and exploited, which is the aesthetics of Helmut Lang’s punk bandages. Oliver still captures two Fetishistic (Fetishistic) and Sexuality (Sexuality), although many of them are original.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Michael Kors Collection

In a new series by Michael Kors, he brings a relaxed beach atmosphere to every urbanization he presents, using a mix of light and lively colors – a common color on New York Fashion Week – – Then slowly turn dark blue, gray and black. In addition to subtle tie-dye, he also designed an equally relaxed and lively palm tree shadow printing. These palm tree prints are covered in sling dress and aprons and are repeated on some workouts in large sports shirts. This series has a very nice vacation packages and a single product, to create the feeling of leaving the office. And, because of the rich color of the series, almost anyone with a personality who loves outstanding, or who likes low-key, can find his or her favorite costumes.

2018 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week | Trend Aspect 4: soft perspective

As light as the air, looming gauze surface adds a touch of lightness to the garment, shining gracefully over the body. Material like light gauze and other light fabrics can lead the romantic mystery of New York Fashion Week 2018 spring and summer, the wind swaying tulle, optionally accompanied by lace.
This season, tulle as a major trend fabric, creating two distinct styles. The first with soft and chic colors to highlight the girl-like clarity, exquisite detail with high-level description of the infinite fantasy and longing, gives a person can not ignore the romantic and beauty. The second, tulle can also change color to suit different styles of design, Coach 1941 and Prabal Gurung perspective design, creating a tough alternative rock style.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Coach 1941

Designer Stuart Vevers said the new season’s Coach 1941 is inspired by the rich vitality and creativity of New York’s Lower East Side during the night, with a focus on ’80s, antique costumes and patchwork prints. ” Meanwhile, designer Stuart Vevers, also with the “outsider” sentiment, has infused his love of graffiti artist Keith Haring into a new series – one of the great artists who ate in the arts. With graffiti images, glowing little baby, barking dogs, flying saucers in the sky … all over Coach’s new fashion. Re-modified second-hand antique feel in the cowboy patchwork and embroidered shearing wool in the strong, with tulle embroidery, satin, lace, showing the retro Hollywood-style sexy.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Jason Wu

In Jason Wu 2018 spring and summer series, the designer for the asymmetrical and irregular design people shines. Loose casual profile to add fringe elements, it is modern and sporty style, the combination of different materials more clothing so that a sense of hierarchy, and fresh and elegant color is more people feel in advance of the spring atmosphere.Jason Wu said he was influenced by Madame Grès, an early-twentieth-century designer who was known for his groundbreaking cutting-edge skills. This idea is promising. Although Grès’s work has intricate handmade details, but today’s perspective, still modern and modern.


2018 Spring Summer New York Fashion Week | Trend Aspect 5: Candy Stripes

Say never before, classic and stylish elements must ultimately it – stripes! Striped elements have been popular since the 60s of last century so far it can be well integrated with any single product, so that it has its own unique style, stylish and attitude.
This season, color stripes swept the show again, the special feature is that designers no longer use a variety of stripes combination to create fancy visual effects, clear, regular, crisp stripes is the keynote of this season, these The stripe of spring is filled with strong energetic Brittany. Even if they are rainbow-like colors and gradients, they are also friendly with black and white details. So, in the spring of 2018, multicolored stripes dress to wear it, the bright color is 2018 we welcome the best choice for the spring.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Monse

Designer Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia two designers out of love for the United States, in this new series will use the most classic American elements to pay tribute to this country, red and white and blue stripes and stars striped stripes throughout the entire pattern Show.At the same time, designers have continued the iconic deconstruction of the brand to become famous, the university campus checkered uniforms, V-neck sweaters, basketball jerseys and baseball jackets were deconstructed and reorganized, mixed into the details of the sequins and snap buttons, and Twist them asymmetrically.

Women Fashion STEPHANIE Website-fashion trend⇐Sies Marjan

As New York Fashion Week’s most watched designer rookie, Sies Marjan’s distinctive bright colors are still very overhangs, at a glance to enjoy the most pleasing spring time. This season’s design looks light and clear, in the color combinations and fabrics in the human body overlay, are pinching very delicate. Sies Marjan pretty sophisticated street style performance, the movement of live waves with a very artistic color, gives a sense of elegant and agile, silk chiffon for the next spring, more and more gas if the gossamer, gentle candy stripe collision oversize With the casual tailoring sweet no burden.


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