10 Slimming Fashion Styles

Did you know that when you look slimmer, you also look taller? Here are ten fashion styles that can make women look thinner and taller. These styles are slimming for all women, and for petites, they have the extra benefit of also making short women look a bit taller.

1.A Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is a slimming style as long as the details are right. For the most slimming look, choose a knee-length sheath dress in a dark color. The dress should fit well, neither too tight nor too loose, or the slimming effect may be lost. The most slimming neckline for a sheath dress is a V-neckline because it elongates the neck, making the wearer look a bit slimmer and taller. Choose a sheath dress in a matte fashion fabric, rather than a shiny fabric because shiny materials make the wearer look larger. Don’t forget the shapewear if you want the most slimming effect, and add a jacket to help disguise figure flaws if you like.

2.A Pencil Skirt

Many women believe that they can’t wear a pencil skirt because it will make them look bigger, but just the opposite is true as long as the pencil skirt fits correctly. Knee-length is usually best, but women with slim legs may wish to wear a shorter pencil skirt.

3.V-Neck Top

A top with a V-neckline is a slimming choice because it opens up the neckline and creates an elongating effect. Unfortunately, a V-neckline alone can’t save a garment that’s otherwise unflattering, so choose atop style that works well for your figure type.

4.Tailored, Single-Breasted Jacket

Fit and fabric are keys to a slimmingsingle-breasted jacket. A jacket that fits well will have a more slimming effect than an ill-fitting jacket, so it’s worth investing in some tailoring to achieve the perfect fit. Avoid bulky fabrics, such as boiled wool, and opt for closely woven fabrics, such as wool gabardine. A jacket can be used to disguise figure flaws, such as a big tummy, thus adding to its slimming effect.

5.Straight-Leg Jeans

Denim continues to be a major fashion player, which means that almost everybody wears jeans. Despite the availability of lots of trendy jeans’ styles, such as printed jeans, slashed and trashed jeans, and brightly colored jeans, the best jeans’ style to wear for the most slimming appearance is a straight-leg, dark denim style with a medium rise. To add to the slimming effect, pick jeans that have some Lycra content. Skip embellishment on your jeans if you want to look thinner, and opt for plain pockets.

6.Flat-Front Pants

Say good-bye to any pants that have an elastic waist if you want to look slimmer. For a trim look, pick straight-leg pants in a dark color that fit well with no bunching across the hips, stomach, or thighs. If your pants have horizontal wrinkles when you wear them, the fit is off, and you may need to have them tailored or go up a size. Pants should fall straight from the hip and have no cuffs. Choose flat-front styles because pleats add to a bulky appearance, something that’s undesirable if you want to look trimmer.

7.Sleek High Heels

The most slimming shoe style is also the best shoe style for petites who want to look a bit taller–a sleek high-heeled pump with a pointed toe. Add a V-shaped vamp or d’Orsay styling, and your sleek shoe will be even sleeker. Best colors for a slimming shoe? Black is always good because it goes with anything, and the dark color is slimming. Other dark colors, such as navy or aubergine can work well too. The other slimming color choice for a high-heeled pump is a skin-tone hue. No matter what the color of your skin, matching it as closely as possible to your shoe color will make your legs look longer, and it will also make you look thinner and taller.

8.Black Tights

Wearing black opaque tights gives the legs a sleek appearance and makes them look trimmer. For a slimming monochromatic look, pair black high-heeled, pointed-toe pumps with black tights and a black sheath dress. Black is a neutral fashion color, which goes with any other color, so whether or not you wear a black dress or skirt, you can still achieve a slimming look by wearing black tights with black high heels. Other dark colors of tights can also have a slimming effect, but black remains the go-to color for tights. Avoid tights made of sweater fabric as well as any other textured or patterned tights because you’ll lose much of the slimming effect gained by wearing solid black.

9.Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces make a V-shape at the neckline whether or not a V-neckline is a feature of a top or dress. That’s the reason the pendant necklace is one of the top necklace styles for petites. The V-shape, which a pendant necklace forms, has a slimming and elongating appearance, and it doesn’t close in the neck or visually shorten the figure as a choker necklace does.

10.Top-Handle Bag

When women carry a handbag close to the body (for example, tucking a short shoulder bag under the arm) it adds a somewhat bulky appearance to the area. Carrying a bag under the arm adds to the bust area, so it should be avoided by women who have big busts. Likewise, carrying a cross-body bag which sits at the waist should be avoided by women who have a thick waistline, and carrying a long shoulder bag that ends at the hip is not a good idea for women who have big hips. The most slimming handbag is a top-handle, structured handbag of medium size. This type of bag must be carried by the hand, rather than slung over the shoulder. The result is that the handbag dangles in space and doesn’t add any extra bulk right next to the body.

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