How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

Do you love your little black dress but feel that how you have been wearing it has gotten a little stale?  The best thing about a little black dress is all the different things you can do with it. Think of your LBD as a blank canvas on which you can paint anything. Take you little black dress from day to night, from more casual to formal, and more with these accessories suggestions.

1.Statement Earrings

Statement earrings not only dress up your little black dress but they can bring focus to the face. You can also swap out your simple daytime studs to a pair that are more evening appropriate, which will give you a day to evening look in one small step. Before you go out and buy super huge statement earrings, however,consult this easy guide to find out the perfect size and length earrings for you.

2.Nude Pumps

Nude pumps offer instant elegance to a little black dress. Before you slip into a pair of basic black pumps, consider this buff color shoe which have leg slimming abilities. Dark shoes with bare legs have the potential to shorten the look of your legs, which makes them look heavier, whereas, a shoe that matches your skin tone will do the opposite. Be sure to check out these other slimming accessories.

3.Colorful Accessories

Black matches everything, which makes it a super easy style to introduce a variety of colors to change up the look of the dress. Try a colorful pair of shoes, a bold and colorful bib necklace or an eye catching clutch to your favorite LBD. Why stop at just one color? Try adding two colors to really amp up your little black dress.

4.Stacked Bracelets

There is a party going on that you might not know about. It’s called an arm party, which means to add multiple bracelets to your wrist. You can do this formally or casually to dress your LBD up or down.

5.Scarves and Wraps

You can’t beat a scarf, be it an oblong silk scarf or a more dramatic wrap or blanket scarf. Black isn’t everyone’s best color and the best way to fix that is to bring some color up towards the face. Scarves do this with ease.

Your Little Black Dress Accessorizing Options are Limitless

As mentioned before, the little black dress is a staple that has limitless possibilities. Instead of wearing your favorite LBD one way, use your accessories to create a variety of looks.

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