Clothing is not the more expensive the better, except cashmere

We always say that “the trend of a single cabinet is better than a few pieces of good clothes to wear,” the trend of a single product you may buy to others, but good clothes are bought for their own wear. You are not in this dress noisy, self-sufficiency, the most important thing is that you do not need to explain this happiness to anyone, this “good clothes” is a cashmere sweater.

No matter how tight you are outside, you can relax by “returning” to the dress.

Cashmere to you is a calm beauty, its fashion is not deliberately it is a “you do not look at me, I am here in the quiet beauty”.

Cashmere not only stay comfortable, it is comfortable and fashionable.

To put it bluntly, cashmere to give you the comfort and often proportional to the price, the reason why cashmere sweater expensive not only because of complex processes, the most important thing is a cashmere goat’s life can contribute to, but only enough to do 1-2 Cashmere sweater.

Even more exasperating is that the money you spend on it is difficult at first glance to be seen by others, because it is not exaggerated, the kind of “quick to see me, I am expensive,” you can not find the feeling, that Why buy it?

Ms. Coco Chanel said a word in the end the word is: the real luxury is, invisible and see the see should be as perfect.

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