Fox fur spliced V-neck woolen jacket with a long sweater: cool handsome and elegant

Fox fur spliced ​​V-neck woolen jacket with a long sweater, cool handsome and elegant. Fox fur stitching v neck woolen jacket elegant tone, revealing a little sweet, fox fur stitching V-neck woolen jacket can also use the collar to the waist simple and smooth reveal some neat sonorous, fox fur stitching V-neck woolen jacket, Cool handsome and elegant.


Fox fur spliced ​​V-neck woolen jacket

 Elegant tone, revealing a little sweet, but also with the collar to the waist of the simple and smooth reveal a little neat and sonorous, so marvel, belongs to a woman’s Ya should be like this, see the handsome, but also soft and enraptured, Fuji inlaid without demon, love this stems from their high profile.

Large patch pocket length loose woolen jacket

 Very cool atmosphere, like the uninhibited and elegant blend together, and there is no default in the perfect self-cultivation, can not see the special exaggerated delicate aesthetic, only a little loose cocoon-type flow lines and lines with a clear pressure line Big patch pocket, so black looks both comfortable and dignified, handsome enchanting.

Double collar twill long coat

Original benefits is that every unique, are likely to be your only exclusive, as the deepest memory in the eyes of
others minds, looking up and down around the body, and finally set goals, twill stripes fabric art Petty small fre
sh, double Collar also just romantic overhang, taste.

Double-breasted badge woolen jacket
  As a fashion girl, who can not know the high street extreme eye-catching on the mirror, the potential
freshness is like a double-breasted woolen coat on the badge inlay, the effect is to do the classic end,
360 taste without losing seductive, but also personality Highlight the elegant need not abide by the rig
id rules.
Double-sided cocoon type long coat

Double-sided it must have one, whether it is thicker than the windbreaker elegant light warm, or thicker than the winter thick taste some romance, anytime anywhere eversion of the color collar are vivid and not hypocritical best endorsement, If it happens to be the earth color, but also silently plated intellectual aura.

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